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Powerful Features

Easy to use User Interface

Zero learning curve, the easiest user interface to use from very first day.

Scheduling and Monitoring

Schedule & Monitor your classes, presentations, meetings, interviews

Secure Audio / Video Conferencing

Face to face communication with the highest quality and lowest latency.

Text Chat like a Breeze

Text chat with all the participants during the class or meetings.

Drawing Board & Text Editor

Present yourself using drawing board or text editor, choice is yours.

Screen Sharing

Share the screen of your desktop or any application window on your

Moderator Controlled Rooms

Moderator is the owner who can mute, unmute, kick out any user anytime.

Raise Hand

Participants have liberty to raise their hand any time and ask their doubts

Coding Platform

Teach HTML5, CSS3, C, C++, Java, and Python etc. coding skills online.

PDF and PowerPoint Presentation

Share your idea with the team and students with the help of PDF & PPT

Live Quizzes to Engage

Conduct live quizzes at every step of teaching to check the level of learning

Attendance Sheet

We capture and present all the check-in and checkout time for all the participants

Performance Sheet

Based on all the quizzes, we generate a report to show the performance of your students.

Transfer Role

Moderator can transfer role to any user to become presenter any time.

Trusted Technologies

Rock Solid Backbone which you can rely on